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School of New Stove Fitting

For over 25 years, Cebud has been taking active part in the development of the stove fitting industry, which is why we have prepared a series of trainings for companies who want to cooperate with us, including the ”School of New Stove Fitting”.
Our fundamental idea is “beautiful and cheap heating of entire houses with wood”. We focus on quality, which is why we refine our products on a regular basis and train how to work on them, so that we can economically and environmentally friendly heat as muchspace as possible. The training covers, among other things, the issues on converting heat to the demand, the use of accumulation modules and various types of boards for the so-called warm development, the use of professional adhesives and stove fitting plasters, practical demonstration of combining accumulation boards and a number of other currently nagging issues related to the stove fitting industry and heating of houses with wood (biomass).

Practical Leaning of the Stove Fitting Profession

with an introduction tothe application and use of the latest materials and technologies

One-year School of New Stove Fitting
      • or persons from the industry with a minimum of a few years of experience in construction of fireplaces (the so-called “fireplace fitters”)
      • for persons with many years of experience in the application of traditional materials and stove fitting technologies


The training is held in the form of: A two-day session (Mon/Tue) once a month + practical (home) tasks to be executed during the month (sponsored).
Training sessions, in addition to theoretical knowledge, are devoted to discussionsand preparation of practical projects performed by the participants during the month in various, selected technologies and materialsthat are available on the manufacturers’ market.
One-year long School prepares for specialist and professional performance of stove fitting works, both in the field of building fireplaces and various types of household stoves. It also prepares for the journeyman or master exam and provides the basis for obtaining a certificate in the profession of a stove fitter. Detailed conditions for participation will be givenat the first organizational meeting of the year 2014/2015 on 13/10/2014.

It is a form of training the participation in which enables continuation and supplementation of knowledge from practical trainings. It broadens the subject of stove fitting enabling contact with both old and latest technical solutions. Usually organized by the Education Committee of the OSKP (Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie “Kominki Polskie” – National Association Polish Fireplaces)with the participation of academic staff and scientific institutes personnel.
This type of trainings are needed as constant supplementation of knowledge and are an occasion to meet and exchange experiences for current and former participants of stove fitting training courses between one another and with other members of OSKP.

This type of trainings are needed as constant supplementation of knowledge and are an occasion to meet and exchange experiences for current and former participants of stove fitting training courses between one another and with other members of OSKP.

These are three one-day trainings organized in a short period of time, intended only for stove fitters or for persons with at least a few years of experience in building fireplaces. For persons already experienced in the construction of stoves and fireplaces, the 3-day training cycle is to help appropriately start using the products and materials manufactured and sold by the company and thus introduce application of the state-of-the-art stove fitting technologies.
The course is to help avoid mistakes and possible “mishaps” during the assembly, as also to teach appropriate advertising in the sale of stoves and fireplace stoves.
The training course, in addition to the passing on general theoretical knowledge, also offers practical trainings and prepares for individual performance of first work under the supervision of an instructor.

Diploma of participation in the Induction Training Course entitles to use all of the manufacturer’s products and materials (Cebud sells its products only through a network of authorized sellers and contractors).
The diploma is issued after completion of the training cycle and after individual performance of some specific practical work, i.e. having passed the so-called “Entrance Exam”.

The course also provides basic knowledge about building heating systems used for contemporary residential buildings.A three-day training cycle is necessary for the correct application of devices made of Akubet, intended for the purpose of heating houses with wood as the main alternative source of heat.

One-day trainings presenting products and devices manufactured and sold by Cebud, intended for the construction of stoves and fireplaces in prefabrication technology, based on the new generation of chamotte – “Akubet” accumulation composite.

The program offers a short practical training on basic principles on the application of products and the presented materials. The training is also recommended to companies that have already undergone their first training some years before so that they can update their knowledge about new products.
Participation is confirmed by a Diploma of Participation in Product Training, which also allows for the use of some products of the Manufacturer (usually accumulation boards for the construction of warm structures).
One-day and three-day trainings are free of charge.
Organized only on the provided dates and after confirmation of the entry by the EventOffice.

All dates to be found in the NEWS section.
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Detailed information: 795-464-006 or 692-474-762
Persons interested in new solutions regarding the use of modern stove fitting technologies so to environmentallyfriendly and cheaply heat entire houses with wood, are warmly encouraged to take part in our „Zduńskie Szkolenia Zasadnicze” (Basic Stove Fitting Trainings) and in „Szkoła Zduńska” (Stove Fitting School).

Training on proecological heating of contemporary houses with wood – Polish renewable energy sources

Trainings are carried out under the patronage of Małopolski Cech Zdunów and with the participation of scientific personnel of AGH and Jagiellonian University.