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Our mission is to restore the cheapest and healthiest heating of houses with wood, using infrared radiation technology.

We combine the beauty of a recreational fireplace with the heating technology of a modern room stove, which will provide continuous and comfortable, pro-ecological heating of the entire house with wood.
We restore energy security by making heating independent of electricity supply!

There can be no shortage of WOOD – POLISH RES – in the Polish energy mix!

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Benefit from our experience


It’s a “stove and fireplace in one”.
A traditional room stove
(formerly a tiled stove) has always been used for basic heating of a house, as it provided a long, maintenance-free heating period of more than ten hours. However, it did not allow to enjoy the fireplace view of fire. 
The modern stove, i.e. the fireplace stove, combines these functions. We can have the healthiest and continuous heating for many hours – in addition to all the rooms in the house, and at the same time we can watch the fire as in a typical fireplace (and this through a clean glass, adding wood as in the stove only 1-2 times a day! ).

AKUBET is the latest generation – patented by CEBUD – chamotte composite, which allows increasing the single loading of wood (wood briquette) enough to be able to to heat the entire house without additional recharges (the old furnaces needed 2 – 3 partial loads) for 12 – 24 hours .
Thanks to its heating properties, it replaces 2 – 3 traditional tiled stoves.

Akubet tiles have excellent construction parameters, which allow for self-supporting installation of fireplace inserts with corner and tri-sided glass panes, etc.

Why do we offer FIREPLACE STOVE made of AKUBET?

  • because in addition to the decorative function (the so-called fireplace function), it can also serve as the main, continuous heating of the house. At the same time, it does not require more than 1 - 2 times a day operation, and at the same time it heats in a balanced way without the effect of room overheating.

  • it does not soil walls, does not require frequent glass cleaning and ash removal (like old fireplaces), moreover, thanks to larger one-time loads of wood it provides a few hours of viewing beautiful, natural fire from wood (and not from gas or ethanol).

  • because it can ensure self-sufficiency, energy independence (especially from electricity supply) and security that other sources of energy cannot provide

  • because it can provide the cheapest heating (2 - 2.5 times for coal and 3 - 5 times for natural gas).

  • because it is the healthiest heating system based on infrared radiation, minimizing the convection of air (and thereby dust ).

  • because it can effectively cooperate with other renewable energy sources (RES) such as photovoltaic cells, solar panels, heat pumps or electric current - especially cheaper at night - if it is additionally equipped with an electric heater.

  • because it increases the use of RES and reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, because wood replaces burning of fossil energy sources (coal, gas).

  • because with a single, even large loading of wood - briquette (up to 20 kg) it meets the latest emission requirements, and when equipped with additional operational safeguards, it can completely eliminate the possibility of errors of use and non-ecological combustion.



  • who want to have "two in one" - The pleasure of relaxing with a natural fire in a fireplace, as well as the constant and balanced, cheapest and healthiest warmth in the house.

  • who want to be surrounded by the healthiest infrared heat and not convective radiation

  • who do not have time to operate, continuously add wood and regulate the fireplace

  • who wants to use only the most environmentally friendly and at the same time renewable energy sources (RES)

  • who want to contribute effectively to climate protection by reducing greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions into the atmosphere

  • who want the cheapest and most beautiful warmth in the house.

  • who value energy security and want to be independent of the power supply


  • architects who want to design decorative heating of houses using ecological technologies from RES, with the cheapest possible alternative heating system based on burning wood - wood biomass.

  • stove fitters, who thanks to the use of prefabricated components from Akubet, want to build modern room stoves, enabling comfortable heating of entire houses with ONLY ONE fireplace stove and one load for an average of 12 - 24 hours.

  • stove fitter and fireplace plants from areas particularly endangered by smog or from areas of particular touristic value, where it is recommended to use only the most low-emission and environmentally friendly renewable energy sources for heating purposes, as well as additional operational safeguards.

  • installers of other RES devices, who want to supplement their heating possibilities with a modern room stove - the so-called “fireplace stove” - energy wood (wood biomass) -fired, guaranteeing stability and energy independence .


Today, almost all well-known heating systems heat on the basis of convection – air circulation in rooms. In this way, most typical convection fireplaces also heats up the homes. Modern room stoves, i.e. Akubet fireplace stoves, which combine the decorative function of a fireplace with a heating system, heat – as in the past the traditional tiled stoves did – i.e. in the best way that nature has given us and in the healthiest way, namely, by infrared radiation.

There are no hot air exhaust grilles in the room where the fireplace stove is located. There is only infrared radiation from the heated surface of the casing. Possible distribution of warm air by means of the smallest possible gravitational convection is used only in more distant rooms or on the floor of the building. If the design of the fireplace stove is already carried out at the design stage of the house by the architect, it is possible to completely give up convection and heat all rooms in the house only by radiation from the “warm walls” of the fireplace stove (the so-called hippocaust).

In order to facilitate the use of the stove as the main system of basic house heating, it can also be equipped with an electric heater which will ensure that the storage tank and accumulation masses from Akubet are heated with electric current – especially at night – at a reduced price or obtained from own photovoltaic cells or other sources. 

Such a “decorative accumulation furnace”, if retrofitted with automatic combustion control, can function as a heating system of the building even in the absence of its inhabitants. It reduces the service even to one-time (evening) loading – at the same time ensuring the “fireplace” effect of burning natural fire from wood (and not from gas or ethanol) for the first few hours.

It is worth to install in your own home such a healthy heating system, and to utilise the health effects of infrared radiation waves.  If its operation, additionally supported by an automatic control system, turns out to be in fact not burdensome and not time-consuming, reduced to only one or two fuel loads per day, the comfort of use achieved will significantly exceed the work put into its operation.

If, moreover, at today’s price ratio, we obtain the cheapest home heating system (over 2 times cheaper than when heating with coal and 3-5 times cheaper than when heating with natural gas or network heat), then the obtained economic effect will be very encouraging to build such a “fireplace” which is actually a continuous heating furnace.

If the infrared radiation is the heat more noticeable to us (the feeling of heat is by 2-4 degrees higher than that which we feel from the heated air), we can additionally save on reducing the room temperature, and thus the consumption of wood. The most natural heat similar to solar heat – in your own home – is a reward for building a storage heater (fireplace stove) from Akubet, which is a little more expensive than a typical convection fireplace.


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