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Współczesne piece pokojowe - piecokominki z Akubetu


We have been on the market since 1987. We started with the production of decorative tile stove tiles and the construction of traditional tile stoves and open-hearth fireplaces.


It is one of the first companies in southern Poland, which in 1991 started to build modern fireplaces with closed combustion chamber (with glass).


Today, it is the only company in Poland and the second in Europe that produces storage heating materials with several times higher heating parameters than ordinary or andalusite chamotte, allowing the basic heating of the entire house with only one or two loads of wood per day.


Since the beginning of the 21st century, the company has based the construction of fireplace stoves and storage heating fireplaces made of prefabricated components on a new generation of patented chamotte composite – Akubet, which enables basic heating of entire houses, usually with 1 – 2 fuel loads per day.


Today, the company has become one of the leading manufacturers of prefabricated products in Europe by continuously developing its product range and improving its prefabricated products, including hotplates, ceramic thermal storage channel modules and, in particular, thermal storage stoves.


We have a wide range of prefabricated Akubet panels for building warm (storage and heating) walls of fireplace stoves and fireplaces, allowing heat emission to be adjusted to the demand for it in the house.


We manufacture several types of various thermal storage channel modules from Akubet, enabling the construction of almost any shape of stove systems of heat storage reservoirs, constituting a form of Storage Channel Filters inside stoves or fireplaces.


We have more than 25 types and more than 60 models of Thermal Storage Stoves (PPA) weighing from 240 to 640 kg.


We hold several Polish and European protective rights concerning stove fitter’s materials and devices.


For over 30 years we have built hundreds of room stoves, i.e. fireplace stoves and ornamental fireplaces, always in a heat storage technology, and never in a “cold” – insulating structure!


The specificity of the company is the use of decorative, both traditional and modern – large-size tiles in the walls of the outer casing of stoves and fireplaces.


We cooperate with the most renowned tile houses – both Polish (Kafel-Art, Spartherm, Kafel-Kar, Riwal, Kulig, Grochowski, Kornak) and European (from Austria – Sommerhuber, from Germany – Kaufmann, from Slovakia – Kerkotherm).


We employ experienced and skilled workers with stove fitter craftsmanship qualifications confirmed by journeymen’s or master’s diplomas.


For many years we have been leading training courses in contemporary stove fitting industry for various companies in the industry, further training to practise the profession of the stove fitter and use the latest modern materials and technologies for the construction of stoves and fireplaces.


CEBUD is actively involved in the activities of Polish and European industry associations (OSKP, VEUKO) and its owner is the Senior of the Małopolski’s Guild of Stove Fitters and Related Professions, reactivated in 2016. Małopolski, which dates back to 1403 in Kraków.


We cooperate with many stove fitter and fireplace companies from almost all over Europe, constantly increasing exports and becoming a recognized manufacturer of prefabricated modern stoves and fireplaces.


As the first company in Poland, already at the beginning of the 21st century, we started production of safe for health ceramic insulation and heat storage panels made of perlite (PIa – 800), which could replace fibrous materials used to insulate fireplaces in the past.


We also manufacture such devices as air recuperators, plug-in water heat exchangers, kitchen water heaters and other accessories needed for various heating purposes.


We offer the best stove fitter’s assembly materials needed for the construction of modern room stoves – the so-called fireplace stoves and heat storage fireplaces, especially the most modern types of adhesives, plasters and others.


We are actively involved in such a fight against smog, which will balance the need to improve both the quality of air in Krakow and the quality of life of the inhabitants, without depriving them of access to the cheapest heating and losing their energy independence.